Powering the Future of loyalty and Connected Commerce

Customers earn more, trade more, and buy more with Superlogic

Unleash the power of your loyalty & rewards strategy

Connect with customers

Build a lifetime of customer loyalty with connected commerce experiences.

Elevate profitability

Loyalty and member features that drive trust, retention, and commerce

Make smarter decisions

Eliminate guesswork and deploy refined cross-channel engagement recipes.

Loyalty & Membership

With supercharged features like "engage-to-earn" and a whitelabled rewards marketplace, customers can earn and trade rewards with one another to get what they really want.

  • Immediatley enhances your existing loyalty solution
  • Reward a variety of engagement actions like purchase, watch, share, and more with digital badges
  • Earn perpetual royalties with every peer-to-peer ransaction & eliminate points liabilites

Digital Product IDs

A seamless onramp to loyalty and membership - connect your physical items to digital IDs and enhance the post-sale experience until the product is discarded.

  • Unlock new markeitng channels based on the items your customers own
  • From scan to resale and recycle, trace the full lifecycle of your items to make smarter business decisions
  • Incentivize resale or recycling habits

Data & Profitability

Track and measure data streams that fit seamlessly within your existing tech stack, refine O&O messaging, enhance customer tags & paid advertising, and so much more.

  • Seamless API integrations into any CRM, Auth, ePOS, CDP, and more
  • Actionable insights to inform optimal messaging, channels, and interests
  • Drive customers into hyper-effective nurturing funnels

“OneOf’s customer-centric approach and full-service offering has enabled them to be an effective innovation partner to enterprise brands on their Web3 innovation journey.”

Margaret Lim, Managing Director

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