Powering the future of loyalty and connected commerce

Turbocharge revenue and consumer engagement with Superlogic technology.

Loyalty that pays

Turbocharge engagement

Superlogic's gamified loyalty systems drive 9x more customer activity and spawn peer-to-peer engagement.

Save money

Leverage new rewards technology to reduce loyalty program accounting liabilities that cost brands billions.

Capture 80% more data

Most commerce still happens offline. Use Digital Product IDs to track goods and engage end consumers in the real world. 

The only fully integrated commerce and loyalty system powered by first-party data

Loyalty and Commerce

More that 65% of brand revenues come from repeat customers, but most people participate in less than half of the loyalty programs they join. With features like "engage-to-earn" and a next-gen rewards marketplace, Superlogic empowers your customers to earn, buy, and trade goods and rewards to get what they really want.

  • Enhance - not replace - your existing loyalty system
  • Reward a variety of engagement actions like purchase, watch, share, and more with digital badges
  • Earn perpetual royalties with every peer-to-peer transaction and eliminate points liabilities

Digital Product IDs

A seamless onramp to loyalty and commerce that's as easy as a QR code. Tether your physical items to unique digital IDs to track everything about your products and customers - even when they shop offline.

  • AI-driven "smart offers" sent to consumers in real time based on their buying and browsing preferences
  • From scan to resale and recycle, trace the full lifecycle of your products to make smarter business decisions
  • Promote sustainability and comply with sweeping forthcoming climate regulations

Data and Marketing

Track and measure data streams that fit seamlessly within your existing tech stack, refine O&O messaging, enhance customer tags & paid advertising, and so much more.

  • Seamless API integrations into any CRM, Auth, ePOS, CDP, and more
  • Actionable insights to inform optimal messaging, channels, and interests
  • Drive customers into hyper-effective nurturing funnels

Superior Technology

Superlogic solutions are enterprise-grade and completely invisible to consumers. Brands can easily integrate our technology with their existing CRM systems and customers don’t need to learn anything new to benefit.

  • Reach millions of customers with digital assets that cost less than $30 to create
  • Secured by industry leading AI-powered fraud protection
  • Keep your brand at the forefront with fully white-labeled technology

“Superlogic’s customer-centric approach and full-service offering has enabled them to be an effective innovation partner to enterprise brands.”

Margaret Lim, American Express

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